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tv online : ATV : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны, Итальянский

tv online : Infoeconomia TV : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны, Испанский
Infoeconomia TV - La información y la economía desde otro punto de vista.

tv online : RTP África : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны, Португальский
A RTP África é um canal de televisão generalista destinado aos diferentes países africanos de língua oficial portuguesa. A RTP África emite 24 horas por dia para os países africanos de língua oficial portuguesa através de diferentes plataformas. A RTP África tem uma programação própria ajustada às especificidades da realidade africana. Transmite programação das televisões públicas e privadas portuguesas e das televisões públicas africanas. Emitindo programas de informação e séries produzidas nos países de destino. A RTP África assume-se como alicerce preponderante para o desenvolvimento socioeconómico assim como motor do bem-estar e do desenvolvimento humano, ajustando a sua programação às obrigações do serviço público de televisão.

tv online : RTP Internacional : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны, Португальский
RTP Internacional (abbreviated as RTPi) is the international television service of Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, the Portuguese public broadcaster. It shows a mix of programming from RTP's domestic channels, together with special Contacto programmes aimed at Portuguese migrant communities in Europe, Africa, South America and North America, as well as Macao and East Timor. It first started broadcasting via satellite in Europe in 1992. It soon expanded into Africa, where it reached audiences in Portuguese-speaking countries, as well as Canada, United States, Brazil and into Asia. It is also available on the Internet, via a subscription to the service JumpTV or with Octoshape. In 1998, RTPi ceased broadcasting to Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa, and was replaced by a new separate service, called RTP África, which was available as a terrestrial TV service in some countries, as well as being available via satellite, but RTPi continues to broadcast in Angola and Mozambique.

tv online : Televisão Pública de Angola : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны, Португальский
Televisão Pública de Angola E.P. or TPA is the national broadcaster of the Southern African state of Angola. It operates two national TV-channels TPA 1 and TPA 2 as well as the international channel TPA Internacional. TPA is headquartered in the capital city Luanda and broadcasts in Portuguese language. The international channel broadcasts selected shows from the two main channels. TPA is currently the only broadcaster in Angola besides the private channel TV Zimbo and the religious channel "Bom Deus".

tv online : Telearuba : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны, Испанский

tv online : Nos Karibe TV : Общее (Общественные), Другие страны,
Education, Information, News,community,live streaming, events,Trade unions,

tv online : Curacao Channel TV : Развлечение, Другие страны,
A variety of Curacao best TV Programs on the web.

tv online : 1TV Afghanistan : Информационные, Новости, Другие страны,
1TV is owned by GroupOne, an Afghan communications and media company. 1TV is known for its hard-hitting news reports and high-impact current affairs programs. 1TV prides itself on rapid, objective, and factual reporting.

tv online : Ariana News TV : Информационные, Новости, Другие страны, Фарси
Ariana TV, shortened as ATN, is a privatly owned television network based in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was launched in 2005. Ariana TV is owned by an Afghan-American called Ehsan Bayat, who also owns AWCC. The mission of Ariana News is to bring Afghan News To the World.

tv online : SATV : Религия, Другие страны, Английский
SATV or Sada e Afghanistan TV channel broadcatsing Islamitic Religious programs, Documentaries, Afghan Music and Movies. The programs will include religious programming highlighting the role of Islam among Afghans and in the world.

tv online : TOLO news : Новости, Другие страны, Английский
The channel provides up to date news, both domestic and international, across broadcast, the web, and social media.

tv online : WI TV : Музыка, Развлечение, Культура, Другие страны, Английский
"WI TV" - is the Caribbean first online television channel. The channel feature shows on various aspects of our rich cultural heritage.

tv online : Channel 24 : Новости, Другие страны, Bengali
Channel 24 is a News TV channel, part of Times Media Ltd. It is based in Tejgaon (a Thana of Dhaka District in the Division of Dhaka).

tv online : Independent TV : Новости, Другие страны, Bengali
Independent Television is a privatly owned 24-hour news channel.